Adjunct Professor

California State University, Northridge
Dates Employed Sep 2013 – Present
Employment Duration 6 yrs 3 mos


Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics

Heat Transfer




Washington University in St. Louis

Total Duration 3 yrs

Title Adjunct Professor of WASHU/UMSL Joint Program, Washington University in St. Louis
Dates Employed 2010 – Aug 2013
Employment Duration 3 yrs

Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

Probability and Statistics for Engineering

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE Review:Mathematics,Probability and Statistics,Computers,Statics,Dynamics,Strength of Materials (D-Bodies),Fluid Mechanics,Thermodynamics,Engineering Economics,Electricity and Magnetism,Chemistry, Material Properties,Ethics and Business Practices )

Title Adjunct Professor
Dates Employed 2010 – 2013
Employment Duration 3 yrs

Company NameWashington University in St. Louis


Washington University in St. Louis

  • Total Duration5 yrs

    • TitleGraduate Student, Teaching Assistant

      Dates Employed2006 – 2009

      Employment Duration 3 yrs

      Thermodynamics (Both Graduate and Undergraduate level)

      Fluid Dynamics

      Fluid Mechanics

      Structural Dynamics and Vibration

      Linear Control Systems

      Heat Transfer (Undergraduate level)

      Radiation Heat Transfer (Graduate level)

      Conduction & Convection Heat Transfer (Graduate level)

      Aerodynamics (Graduate Level)

      Solar Energy Thermal Process


      Aircraft Flight Dynamics & Control


  • TitleGraduate Student, Research Assistant

    Dates Employed2004 – 2009

    Employment Duration 5 yrs



    Modeling Disassembly of Product in Remanufacturing.

    Modeling Reassembly of Cores into Product in Remanufacturing

    Modeling Taking Back the Used Product in Remanufacturing

    Modeling Demand and Sale of Remanufactured Product in a Competitive Market

    Genetic Algorithm Methods

    Function Approximation TechniquesTavanir Electrical Power Management Co.


    Feasibility Analyst and Software Developer

    Company Name

    Tavanir Electrical Power Management Co.

    Dates Employed2000 – 2001

    Employment Duration 1 yr

    Feasibility study for new and developing industrial projects, for Tavanir Company.

    Database analysis, design, and implementation for quality control division of Tavanir Company (used Access and Visual Basic).Isfahan University of Technology


    Company NameIsfahan University of Technology

    Total Duration2 yrs

    • TitleCost/ Benefit Analyst

      Dates Employed1999 – 2000

      Employment Duration 1 yr

      Statistical modeling and analysis of cost/benefit in the cement industry (used TSP and SPSS).

    • TitleSoftware Developer

      Dates Employed1998 – 1999

      Employment Duration 1 yr

      Design and implementation of an artificial intelligence algorithm for academic schedule optimization, Isfahan University of Technology (used Prolog).